Best Garden Benches

Do you have a garden or space to the back of your home that feels like it’s lacking something?

Perhaps you have a lot of beautiful flowers, towering trees in the corners, and a water feature to complete the tranquil setting.

But do you have somewhere to sit and enjoy your luscious green and multicoloured escape from the busy rush and stress of modern living?

If you don’t, it might be time to invest in a garden bench. The problem you may have is deciding on which is best.

That’s where we step in – we’ve taken a comprehensive look at the best of the best with regards garden benches available and picked out the truly standout pieces.

Saving you some of the time and nuisance involved with clicking through pages and pages of Google results and Amazon listings.

Before we pull up our socks and put on our gardening gloves, there are some important things we need to discuss related to the purchase of a garden bench.

Along with our reviews, these will also help you find the bench that is just right for you and your garden.

Best Garden Benches

1. Companion Garden Bench – Tete a Tete Set [UK]

Companion Garden Bench - Corner Love Seat -Jack and Jill - Tete a Tete Set The first choice of garden bench we have is this wooden offering from Jack and Jill.

Well, it’s actually two separate chairs that once combined with a table, form this small bench.

It has a beautiful and very subtle honey-toned natural timber colour and is perfect for any garden setup.

On its own, this is a great investment considering its relatively low price tag.

However, the thing we really love about this offering from the highly regarded company Jack and Jill is the fact that it offers a lot of flexibility. It can even be customised.

Therefore, if you are not happy with the colour, you can stain or paint it to your heart’s content to meet your own unique style and preferences.

Furthermore, it is very weatherproof and even features a hole for a parasol to be slotted in and make the most of those hot summery days with a nice bit of shading while you have scones and a cuppa or a nice glass of Rose.

It needs to be assembled, but given it is very easy to put together, this shouldn’t be too much trouble and it is very robust, and we would definitely recommend it.

2. Best Choice Products 50” Patio Garden Bench [USA]

Best Choice Products 50" Patio Garden Bench Park Yard Outdoor Furniture Steel Frame Porch Chair Seat Our next piece of outdoor furniture is this beautiful and intricately designed option from Best Choice Products and features a floral-scroll style backrest design that provides a suitably elegant and sophisticated seating solution for your garden.

With an open bottom backrest and a high back, it is perfect for wiling away the hours on those warm summer’s days.

It is made from high-end steel and can withstand even the worst weather conditions we are likely to experience in this country.

We are extremely impressed with many things about this bench, but none more so than the fact it can take a maximum capacity of 400-pounds.

3. Robert Dyas 3-Seater Wooden Garden Fence Bench

Robert Dyas 3 Seater Wooden Garden Bench, Quality All Weather Eucalyptus Hardwood with Brass-Plated Fittings Robert Dyas is a long-established company that has a reputation to match their years of service in the industry.

They were founded in London in 1872 and are known for producing high-quality products in a wide range of categories from consumer electronics and DIY to kitchenware, electrical appliances, housewares and, gardening products like this wooden garden bench.

A three-seater, this is fully Forest Stewardship Council-approved garden bench made from eucalyptus timber and designed for use in all weather.

Eucalyptus is favoured for its durability and strength and has a very authentic and rural vibe to it.

As with many of the options in our guide, this comes flat pack. Don’t worry though as it is relatively easy to assemble. It is also fully pre-treated to cope with whatever the Great British weather throws at it.

The fixtures and fittings are all made from high-quality brass, so you know it is going to provide a solid and sturdy seating solution for your garden or patio. A park bench all to yourself.

4. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box [USA]

Keter Eden Keter Eden No ratings yet $238.12

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Decor and Outdoor Seating, Brown/Brown The next product we have in our guide from Keter is another multifunctional storage box and garden bench.

This time it features a dark brown wooden frame with a 70-gallon storage unit beneath the seats.

There is still only enough room for two adults on this and although it is self-assembly, it is easy enough to put together, so that you don’t need to be a flat-pack expert to do so.

The wooden material is fully UV protected, waterproof and weatherproof and therefore perfect for use in any garden up or down the country.

Keter has been manufacturing garden accessories and storage facilities for far too long to make anything approaching a low-quality product, therefore you can rest assured that anything you store within the Eden Storage Deck Box will be safe.

5. Rowlinson Willington 2-Seater FSC Hardwood Bench

Bosmere Rowlinson A105 Willington Bench, 34" Height x 28" Width x 48" Length Rowlinson, although not as old as Robert Dyas, is another vintage and highly respected wooden furniture retailer who have been trading with the same family at the helm since 1926.

All those years and that expertise is fully on display in products like the 2-seater Willington hardwood bench.

This has a comfortably shaped backrest and seat which means you can sit and chill out, whatever the weather.

Like the Robert Dyas option above, if you are concerned about being part of the problem rather than the solution when it comes to being greener, it’s worth noting that the hardwood that goes into this bench has been FSC approved.

Also, similarly to the above option and many others in our guide it comes as a flatpack self-assembly piece of furniture.

We know that might send a shiver down your spine, but don’t worry as it is not too hard to put together.

With a factory stain finish, it is ideal for use in all weathers.

6. Lifetime Convertible Bench Table – 140 cm Long

LIFETIME Convertible Bench, Harbor Gray We have an interesting product next in our guide in the form of a two-in-one multifunctional bench-cum-table.

If you have limited space in your garden, patio or decking area then this bench to table option from Lifetime is perfect.

It is made from weatherproof polystyrene that is also protected against ultraviolet light and has a rust-proof finish that won’t peel, chip or crack.

Another self-assembly product, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or complicated tools and instructions to build it.

What’s more, it is as simple as flapping the back of the bench up and using that as the tabletop for the table when you want to have a bite to eat in the garden.

Need more space for more than just two people? Slotting two of these great benches together will create a full-size four-seater picnic table.

7. Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture

Keter Eden Garden Bench Storage Box Keter Eden Garden Bench Storage Box 7,377 Reviews

Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Plastic Storage Box Garden Furniture, Beige and Brown, 140 x 60 x 84 cm Keter is another manufacturer who has a strong reputation and standing in the garden and outdoor accessories industry.

Known for designing and producing high quality and robust sheds and other storage facilities, it’s no surprise that this Eden bench provides a sturdy and reliable storage option.

As well as space for two people to sit with a decorative wooden panel design, it also features a storage container beneath where you sit with room for 265-litres.

It will keep everything dry and well-ventilated and is made from weather-resistant, and durable material.

We don’t believe there is such a thing as too much storage space and storage space in the form of a garden bench is ideal.

8. HLC Metal Antique Garden Bench

HLC Metal antique garden bench Outdoor Doubel Seat with Decorative Cast Iron Backrest As a change of pace and style, we have this cast iron antique-style garden bench.

It features a sturdy and decorative iron backrest and will give your garden escape a sophisticated.

The wrought-iron used in its construction has been rust-proofed, so it won’t deteriorate much even when the weather is bad.

Even keeping it clean is relatively easy and requires just a mild detergent and wipe it clean and dry it off.

9. FDW Patio Park Garden Bench Porch Path Chair

The final product we want to highlight in our guide is this great garden bench from PDW.

It features a sturdy and reliably durable steel frame.

It has been powder-coated to provide a finish that protects against rust and the side effects of being exposed to the often inclement and undesirable weather conditions we have to deal with here in the UK.

Another self-assembly item, it is made from 6 separate pieces of steel but is still very easy to put together. There’s no need for a City and Guilds in Joinery or engineering degree.

Types of Garden Benches

One of the aspects of choosing a suitable garden bench for your home and outdoor space is that there are so many different products to choose from.

Garden benches not only come in different shapes and sizes but are also made from a variety of different materials, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantaged.

To help you figure out which type of material you should buy a garden bench in, we are going to highlight the most common and popular below.

Wood-Built Garden Benches

Above all others, wooden garden benches are probably the most popular choice and the ones you are most likely to see used in gardens and outdoor seating areas up and down the country.

It is not surprising that they are many people’s first (and often, only) choice as they have a very natural and authentically outdoor look and feel.

Whereas a gaudy bright orange plastic bench will look more than a little out of place (don’t worry, we are not dismissing this as an option, if that’s your preference, as you will see later in this guide) in a densely-packed back garden full of bright and vibrant flowers, the sound of butterflies, bees and birds and that smell of freshly mown grass, a earthy-toned wooden bench will not.

Before you go gaga and pick out the first wooden bench you come to, it’s important to note that although there are many wooden benches out there, they are not all created equally.

For example, you need to understand the difference between a bench that is made from real timber and one that is made from composite materials or even MDF or plywood.

We would always recommend that you choose a wooden bench that is made from as natural and solid materials as possible.

Not all of even the most exquisitely designed and crafted wooden bench is going to be made solely of wood, however.

This is why you should pay close attention to the kind of fixings used. Always choose a product with zinc or stainless-steel screws as these will provide a more secure and durable build quality.

A wooden bench that has been treated or stained may also be a good investment if it is going to spend a lot of time uncovered and exposed to the elements, as wood will eventually deteriorate thanks to water damage unless it’s suitably protected.

Metal-Built Garden Benches

If you are looking for a different kind of look and feel for your garden or outdoor area on your property, you may want to consider a metal garden bench instead of a wooden one.

There are various metal benches to choose from. Just as is the case with wooden products, not all metal benches are made equally.

A priority when choosing the product that is best for your entertaining and relaxing area in your garden, is whether it is able to handle the kind of weather you experience most regularly throughout the year.

Some great options for metal garden benches include:

  • Cast Aluminium – these are very durable and heavy and often available in extremely elegant and intricate designs. Therefore, you never need to feel like you are compromising on style for the longer lifespan. The downside compared to others is that cast aluminium benches are on the expensive side of the price range.
  • Extruded Aluminium – Extruded aluminium is a much lighter form and less costly option. However, the exchange for being able to move the bench more easily around your garden and saving on the price tag is that they are not as resistant to harsher weather conditions or indeed durable in general.
  • Ornate Iron – another metal option for garden benches is ornate iron. These are very robust and resistant to changing weather conditions. They are also extremely heavy and cumbersome as a result. These are the best option if you are looking for a bench that will whisk you back in time to the start of the Victorian era, or just want a retro vibe.

Plastic Garden Benches

Many people are often dismissive of plastic garden benches, which is interesting considering how often you see them for sale in stores and online.

Admittedly, they can look a little less attractive compared to benches designed from more organic and natural materials. However, they have a lot of undeniably great plus points.

For one thing, they are extremely waterproof and virtually unbreakable (unless you are trying to do one damage, they can take a lot of use and abuse), durable, lightweight, require little to no maintenance and are exceptionally affordable.

Above all else, they are the best option if you have young children who spend a lot of time outdoors and are likely to sit, climb, jump on and generally do kid stuff around any bench you set up in the garden.

Concrete-Built Garden Benches

If you want a very high-class, but at the same time old-world feel to your garden seating area, why not consider the stoic and reliable classics that are concrete garden benches.

These are another that require little to no maintenance unless you fancy trying to clean each individual and very tiny crag, nook and cranny in their designs?

They are also very vintage, tough and weather resistant.

Not so good if you have animals or small children though, as either could get easily injured running around them, particularly if they tripped, skidded and fell into them.

Storage Garden Benches

Although it’s not a material, a separate type of garden bench that is worth considering, especially if you are a fan of products that are multifunctional is storage garden benches.

As the name suggests, these are benches that, from a distant, look just like any other benches.

It’s only when you get closer and either lift up the padded seated part or a door in the bottom that the storage area incorporated into their design is revealed.

They are great if you have a lot of stuff you want to keep close to hand in your garden and don’t have space for in your home.

We’re talking small (or large, depending on the size of the bench) garden and DIY tools, kid’s toys and items that can be messy.

They are also great for use in smaller gardens where space is very limited.

Why Choose a Garden Bench?

Although we touched on this at the outset of our guide, an important part of choosing an outdoor bench that’s right for your property and fits in with your needs is thinking about why you want a garden bench in the first place.

Is it just to sit around when you get those glorious few minutes to yourself first thing in the morning, late in the evening or when you are taking time out from working in your home office to smell the roses (quite literally)? I

f that is the case, you may only need a simple and small bench for one or two people.

Whereas if you have a busy household with lots of children and have lots of guests over, particularly when the big yellow ball of gases is out in full force during summer, a small bench for one or two people might not cut it.

Considering the reasons why you need and want a garden bench in the first place when choosing the right material and size will definitely help you make the right decision.

Looking After Your Garden Bench

Now, we’ve already noted that some garden benches are better equipped for exposure to the elements than others.

Regardless of the choice you make, however, you still need to give some thought to how you are going to look after it.

Think about the type of weather your area is subjected to regularly and consider the effect it is likely to have on your garden bench.

Aside from choosing a garden bench made from material built to survive a storm or scorching heat, you may also want to invest in a cover.

Covers come in different shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of different materials. We are not going to go into detail about that here, because that is a whole guide in itself.

If the worst comes to the worst, would you have room in your home, garage, conservatory, summer house or anywhere else on your property to store your garden bench during inclement weather?


Okay, so we are heading deep into the dark recesses of winter, and it may be the one time of the year when you really don’t want to spend time in the garden.

However, there are those miraculous times when there is a little bit of white on top of everything in the form of frost.

Even still, there is no time like the present to plan ahead for when the dark is replaced by the light and the cold replaced by the heat.

The selection we have highlighted above hardly form an exhaustive list, but it is one we are sure will help you find the best garden bench for your home.

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