Best Harness for Pugs – Top Picks for 2021

Looking for the best harness for pugs? With a mountain of options out there it can be difficult to choose – especially when all you want to do is go for a pleasant walk with your cute wrinkle-face pup.

Dogs, in general, tend to pull while on their leash and the pug is no exception.

That is why many people choose a harness instead of a leash.

It can give them the support and control they need when training them. Without causing unnecessary discomfort or harm to their beloved friend.

In this article, we will look at the various benefits of using harnesses for puppy and adult pugs, highlighting the different types of harnesses there are and present our recommendations for the best pug harnesses available.

Best Harness for Pugs – Our Top 8 Reviewed

1. 🏆 Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black, S) The Rabbitgoo may feel like a pricey option, but with a variety of different colours available, this is a safe and lightweight option for taking your pug out on walks.

It has been made to a very high quality and has a very slick design.

With an outer layer made from mesh, it is backed by a soft inner made with padding to decrease the effects of any sudden pulling and provide adequate comfort for your dog.

It is quite easy to adjust this harness as it comes with two side straps that can be altered to fit your pooch best.

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black, S) The only thing we would say is you need to be a little cautious when using them as they can be restrictive and stiff and if you apply too much pressure when trying to tighten them it may give your pug an unpleasant pinch.

There is just one simple buckle that offers a quick and hassle-free experience when it comes to putting it on and pulling it off again.

The Rabbitgoo has been designed to function well with a double-ended lead like a HALTI.

2. Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harnes

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday, Campfire Orange, Small One of the most popular dog harnesses among pug owners and dog owners, in general, is the Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness.

Ruffwear is known for making products to an impeccably high standard and the All-Day Adventure harness is an especially great example of this.

It is a front clip dog harness, which means there are two attachment points for leashes at the chest/front and top/back.

The idea of the harness is to avoid any undue pressure being placed on your dog, if they choose to misbehave or pull while out walking.

As is the case with the above option, you can use a HALTI or similarly designed double-ended leash.

We highly recommend this as it is the most comfortable way to control your dog’s pulling.

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday, Campfire Orange, Small While the front is made from a strengthened web material, there is also closed-cell foam and nylon to provide your dog with padding and a comfortable experience wearing it.

The clip to the back of the product is manufactured from a tough and long-lasting v-shaped aluminium ring.

Along the sides, you will find six plastic points to adjust its woven straps for the most secure and comfortable fit for your pug.

The design is bolstered by reflective strips to ensure your dog is highly visible when you are walking early in the morning, late at night or when there is a lot of mist.

Ruffwear live up to their reputation with this harness.

3. QTpawz Pug Vest Harness

Next in our guide is this front side no pull dog harness from fie FIT INTO EVERYWAY.

Like the others we have covered so far it also features two points for attaching a leash, which is ideal if you want a horse’s rein style system for walking your dog using a HALTI or other double-end leash.

Its outer layer has been carefully and expertly crafted from a scratch-resistant, durable and very elegant nylon web material with 3M material for visibility purposes when it’s dark.

While the internal layer of lining is constructed from lightweight and comfortable mesh and backed by a soft sponge padding around the belly and chest area.

We especially love the fact it comes in 5 different sizes and 3 colours and that it features a handle that can be used as a looping seat belt when you are driving with your dog.

4. Julius-K9 162PM K9 PowerHarness

Julius-K9 Powerharness, Mini, Black Julius-K9 Powerharness, Mini, Black No ratings yet

Julius-K9 162PM K9 PowerHarness for Dogs, Size Mini, Black Another extremely popular brand and product, the PowerHarness from Julius-K9 is a powerhouse of a back-clip harness that offers the welcome mix of a long lifespan, comfortable design and tough construction.

For many people, the PowerHarness is considered dog harness for police dogs and has an impregnable, water and scratch proof exterior layer that’s coupled with a very breathable, soft and relaxing OEKO-TEX inner layer of lining.

We were surprised at just how easy this thing is to put on, thanks to the side buckle and front Velcro fastening. You just need to slide it onto your pug’s back and then secure the straps in place.

To the top of the harness, you will find a metal ring where you can attach a leash, while there is also an effective handle that can be used to keep your dog in line at all times.

To complete the look and design of the harness it features trims in a reflective material to provide visibility for you and your dog when you are walking early in the morning or late at night.

5. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness Large Step in Reflective Dog Harness with Front Clip and Easy Control Handle for Walking Training Running with ID tag Pocket One of the most breathable of all the no pull dog harnesses in our guide, this is made from a high-quality mesh material that will ensure your dog doesn’t overheat.

It has been designed for pugs and smaller dogs who really enjoy pulling, with a front leading halt ring that helps you bring your dog to heel.

The D-ring to the back is for those more relaxed walks with your pooch, particularly if they are well-behaved.

The padding is made to a very high standard and helps prevent any nasty and unpleasant chafing and just as the others in our guide, it features highly reflective strips to ensure your best furry friend is always seen even you are walking along before dawn or after dusk.

6. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Zellar No Pull Dog Harness, Adjustable Breathable Reflective Soft Padded Dog Vest Harness with Handle for Training Outdoor Activities, Black, Medium The Zellar no pull dog harness is another effective and efficient no pull option for keeping your pug safe and secure wherever you are taking him or her.

It features two high-quality aluminium alloy rings on the back and chest and can, therefore, be used in a variety of different ways, including as is the case with many others in our guide, with a double-ended leash.

Whether you are looking for a great harness for training or those simple walks in the park, this is perfect.

We especially like the tough handle on the back that means you can always keep an extra tight grip on your canine buddy.

While the outer is made from tough and reliable Oxford nylon, the inner layer is made from padded and soft mesh that is breathable and comfortable for your dog, no matter how long they wear it for.

7. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness [USA]

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness, No Choke Front Lead Dog Reflective Harness, Adjustable Soft Padded Pet Vest with Easy Control Handle for Small to Large Dogs(Pink, Medium) Although the PoyPet no pull dog harness is slightly higher in price than others, it has been designed efficiently and provides an adjustable and soft option for your pug.

We really love the individuality it offers you with a wide selection of different colours to choose from, all as vibrant and stunning as each other.

As is the case with most, it is made from a sponge-like padded mesh inner layer and a scratch-resistant and durable oxford outer.

8. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

The final option in our guide is the simplistic and effective all-weather no pull dog harness from Voyager. This is a step-in design that makes it incredibly easy to get on your pug.

It offers robust metal D-0rings that make it easy to secure a leash and a strong Velcro closure that means it will stay on no matter what.

About The Pug Breed

A Pug is a flat-faced breed originating from China. They are distinct in their curled tail and wrinkled short face.

They became so popular when they were first introduced to the west that Queen Victoria took a real shine to them and had a total of 36 pugs and her very own royal pug breeder.

They are hugely popular with celebrity owners, who over the years have included Andy Warhol, Paula Abdul and Billy Joel.

Pugs are a calm, even-tempered breed that is easy to love. Unfortunately, they also suffer from a number of potential health issues – some of which we will cover later in this article.

Our Research Method

This article was put together with a combination of hands-on testing, past experience, consultation with Pug owners, testimonials and online research.

What is a Dog Harness?

If you have had dogs before you’ve gotten a pug, then you will probably already be familiar with harnesses. If you are new to dogs in general, you may need things cleared up a little.

Normally, dog walkers and owners rely on the simple option of their dog wearing a collar and attaching a leash/lead.

A dog hardness differs in that it is worn by your dog. They often cover the belly and chest area and are very similar to the type of harness humans might wear if we were going skydiving or abseiling.

Extreme examples, we know, but hopefully that helps those of you who have never seen one before envisioning what we are talking about. Besides, you will be able to get a closer look at harnesses in the review section. While some feature a leash attachment, others don’t.

Dog harnesses are designed to provide a variety of great benefits that you just don’t get from a simple leash and collar. As well as making it much safer to walk your dog and providing them and yourself with more comfort, they are ideal for walking your dog and trying to train them.

They are normally very easy to put on your dog and take them off again and provide both you and your dog with a more comfortable, robust and safer experience when you are out for those all-important walks.

Why are Harnesses Good for a Pug?

Like the French Bulldog, Pugs are brachycephalic. Because they have short, flat faces, many suffer from a variety of breathing problems.

These breathing issues, including Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) and tracheal collapse, not only impact their health but also the amount of physical activity they can do and the frequency of their panting.

If you have a pug that pulls on their lead, their collar could do a lot of damage to them over a long period of time. Whether it’s causing chronic discomfort or worse as mentioned above.

A high-quality harness can help solve these problems. When your furry friend pulls on the harness, there is less impact and pressure placed on a single point of their neck as it is distributed more evenly throughout their body.

Types of Harnesses Available

All those of you reading this who are new to dog harnesses may have got a little shock if you have already had a look online or in your local pet goods store before reading our review.

You will have discovered there is a plethora of different styles of dog harnesses out there.

This can make it quite seem like a mountainous task trying to pick out which is the best. Often uninformed dog owners will simply pick the harness that looks the most comfortable to wear, has the best aesthetics or is the priciest.

However, as good in many ways as some of the reasoning behind choosing a harness for those reasons may be, it’s best to make an informed decision. To help you out, we have provided an overview discussing the basics of each kind of dog harness.

  • Vest Walking Harness – These are one of the simplest dog harnesses available and feature a small number of features. They are designed with better-behaved pooches in mind and are normally manufactured from plastic, cotton, nylon webbing, nylon or even just mesh. They are soft and much lighter than other choices available and ideal for using with a relaxed pug when you go for a jaunt with them.


  • Back Clip Harness – This is the kind of dog harness most people are familiar with as everyone and their…well, dog seem to have one. At the back of the harness, or top, there is a special attachment point for connecting a leash to it. This enables you to have a more even and balanced control of your dog when it’s wearing the harness without applying too much pressure on his or her ribs or giving more tightening in one area over others.


  • Front Clip Harness – Similarly to the above, front clip harnesses also have an attachment point for leashes. For these kinds of harnesses, you’ve probably guessed, the attachment point is found to the front, around the chest area. The concept is that you have greater control. When you use a lead like the HALTI that is double-ended, you can attach one part to the front clip and top clip. This provides you with something similar to a horse’s rein, allowing you to guide and direct your dog better if they try to pull.


  • No-Pull Dog Harness – No-Pull Dog Harness is the name given to any harness that has been designed specifically to eliminate or restrict pulling. As a lot of training, perseverance and patience is required too, you can’t solve the problem of a puller with just a harness. The above examples, with front clips and back clips for leashes, are prime examples of harnessed created specifically with pulling dogs in mind.

You will come across others that have very special designs that tighten up the more your pug pulls.

However, if you are a novice, we would advise against investing in one of those and using it as they can actually have the reverse effect of making your dog want to pull to escape the discomfort and pain they are experiencing.

Even if they don’t do that, they are just not very comfortable or nice for your dog.

  • Leather Dog Harness – You will also find that, across the various harness options, some are made from leather. It’s important to not just base your decision on investing in a leather harness on look and style alone. As leather can cause irritation, chafing and broken skin over time, particularly when it’s wet, consider what parts are leather and how they will affect your dog. It’s best to look for padded or treated options if you are going down the leather harness route.

Measuring Your Pug For a Dog Harness

All you need to start measuring your pug for their brand-new harness is the dog itself, obviously and a tape measure.

Start at the largest part of their chest, close to their front legs and wrap the measuring tape around, making a note of the numbers.

It’s wise to add a few inches extra on top to give a little room for your dog as they get older and put on weight.

You also need to measure their neck circumference, adding again an additional few inches. This is crucial as it will help ensure you can put on and take off the harness without the hassle or causing your dog discomfort.

Spend time on this part of the process of buying a dog harness as this will determine how comfortable or not it is for your waggly tailed friend to wear.

If a harness is not tight enough and they pull too much, they may be able to escape. Whereas if it is too tight, it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience for your canine pal.

How To Put Your Pugs Harness On

Like anything you do for the first time, and especially when dealing with puppy pugs, it can be a bit of a nightmare trying to put a harness on. For dogs, in the beginning, at least, it is a very unnatural thing to do, to wear a harness or even just a collar.

The best approach to take is a gradual one. Introduce them to the harness, allow them to become accustomed to it before you even try and put it on your dog.

Consider the sensations they are going to experience and noises they will hear when something is placed over his or her head and the buckles and fastener are clicked into place. Even Velcro and its rustling sound can be alarming for a dog unfamiliar with it.

For dog harnesses that are designed to be placed over their head, the best approach to take is to get the thing on them first and then tighten and adjust the straps to fit better.

Do the reverse when you want to take it off. For step-in style harnesses, you can normally just encourage your pooch to walk into it, adjust the strapping appropriately and you are good to go.

Best Results from the Harness

Once you have picked out the best harness for your dog, measured your pooch and managed to get the thing on, everything’s perfectly in place for success, right?

Actually, no. Not quite, Although things might go really well the first time and your pug will behave and walk without pulling and stop/start walking when you want them to.

However, the likelihood of this happening is very remote. You should prepare yourself for having a similar experience to most dog owners who have gone before you.

Your dog will not walk perfectly the first time. They may not even walk properly with a harness on for the first 10, or even 20 times.

A lot of patience is required, something we hinted at before. To get the best results you need to be patient, diligent and you should also consider attending some obedience and training classes.

Simple techniques often have the most profound effect like stopping when your dog starts pulling, waiting and then starting to walk again.

Treats can help too. The key is to not give up. Your dog will get there in the end, but training a dog is never an easy or straightforward thing.

Completely and utterly rewarding, though it is, when you get it right.

Pug at rest


The key things to remember when choosing the best harness for a pug is the amount of experience you have had and your dog’s personality.

Remember to choose one that won’t be too restrictive, but also one that won’t let them pool or escape.

Obviously, no pull dog harnesses are best for the most troublesome pooches.

The selection we have highlighted will provide you with one option we are sure you will have a good experience with.

Remember though, you know your dog better than anyone else and should always use your gut and instincts to make the best choice.

You can join the discussion on Pug Dog Harnesses in the comments below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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