11 Best Star Trek Gifts

We delve into the world of the best Star Trek gifts out there and present our top 11 awesome Star Trek gift ideas for every occasion. Whether it’s gifts for Star Trek geeks, a stocking stuffer or just something for yourself (I did!), you’ll find it below.

The trouble with table lamps is they’re just so 20th century.

Your kitchen has no replicators, your living room is devoid of a holodeck, and your bathroom is missing the all-important sonic shower (although unlike the Starship Enterprise, it does have a toilet).

That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your humble abode with our eleven nifty Star Trek gifts we’ve curated.

1. Star Trek: Rock Mood Light

There’s an old trick in Star Trek whenever they need light or heat. Target a rock. It’s also the same tactic they use when demolishing a rock so we’ll possibly leave the physics to one side.

Feeling the chill, Sulu is forced to find comfort in a rock.

Feeling the chill, Sulu is forced to find comfort in a rock.

It stems from an episode of Star Trek the Original Series “The Enemy Within”. To jog your memory, it’s a Sulu episode set on the planet Alfa 177.

That’s the one with the alien dog – primarily an earth dog with a horn glued onto its head.

Despite being habitable (and predictably dangerous), the nighttime temperature would drop to 120° below zero. That’s cold.

To survive, Mr Sulu uses his phaser to heat a rock. It works (spoiler: he lives). Ka’Pla!

Although no actual phaser is required for this little mood light, it does work with a phaser remote control.

Star Trek Rock Mood Light This mood light is beautifully constructed (and hand-painted). Fire the phaser; it lights up. Stop firing, and it slowly dims.

There’s an atmosphere mode which, when activated, becomes much more self-sufficient.

It is producing a range of multi-colour effects and ambience. It’s calming; it’s visual, it’s geek.

This is a great addition to the Star Trek accessories ranges for your house, particularly for rooms at night.

2. Original Series: Universal Remote Control: Phaser

Available on Forbidden Planet

No words can describe the geek ranking this delivers – but as this is a written article – I shall try. It’s a remote control. It’s a phaser. Stun your TV, kill your playlists on an iPod/iPhone dock, blast your Blu-ray player.

The Wand Company Star Trek The Original Series Phaser Remote Control Now, in this technologically advanced age of apps and TV sticks and ipads the idea of a remote may seem a little old school – but if you’re a straight-up TV lover – this could be for you.

The remote, made by Magic Wand, comprises of two phaser types. Firstly a small, hand-held Type I Phaser which slots into a larger Type II Phaser body with a removable pistol-grip.

There are eighteen different sound effects, and if you live with others who don’t appreciate your daily Trek awesomeness, a silence setting. Silence for the phaser we mean, not your co-habitants.

This is a gorgeous, well detailed 1:1 replica with a starbase load of features. It’s not when to get one… it’s why haven’t you got one already?! You can probably detect our excitement on your sensors.

Alternatively, if you want a replica phaser without all the fancy whatnot – we have one of them too.

3. Star Trek Chopping Board

STAR TREK FAN TREKKIE CHOPPING CUTTING CHEESE BOARD PLACE MAT GIFT PRESENT Unfortunately, we live in an age when replicators still aren’t a thing.

That leaves two main options if you want to eat at home.

A cheerful Deliveroo driver or the ancient craft of cooking.

Cooking is one of those life skills I never learned to do very well; I could blame the anticipation of replicators – alas bone-idleness was the main culprit.

The board comes in three different sizes on high-quality hardwood.

It’s engraved and includes the Starfleet insignia and the Enterprise (original) on the face.

4. Mister Spuck Rubber Duck

Locomocean Mister Spuck/Star Trek/Rubber Duck/Light Up Colour Changing LED If you are a shower only household, probably best to skip this one.

If however, you have the luxury of a bathtub this may be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Sadly, they don’t seem to own these on the Enterprise and if you are a fan of TNG – you’ll notice they seemed to spend a lot of time in bathtubs (despite the infinitely more convenient sonic showers).

I’m not sure under what Brekka inspired Felicium fuelled high the creators felt when they designed this – but I’m glad they did. Mr Spuck (for it is he!) not only looks great but lights up when he comes into contact with water.

5. The Ultimate Computer Canvas Print

Canvas Only:


Star Trek The Ultimate Computer Framed A3 Print Star Trek The Ultimate Computer Framed A3 Print 14 Reviews $39.86

Let’s start with the Gorn in the room here. There are a ton of prints and posters for Star Trek out there.

Star Trek The Ultimate Computer Framed 30 x 40 Official Print - Overall Size: 36 x 46 cm (14 x 18 inches) Print Size: 30 x 40 cm And although a large poster of Picard, the Enterprise or a Betazoid wedding (okay I made the last one up) may seem like a great idea, there’s a difference between having a balanced living environment and looking like Wesley Crusher’s Starfleet academy dorm room.

I’ve seen people make this look work, but there will be more people put off by it than not.

While researching this article – I looked for a lot of framed and canvas pictures (there are Galaxy Class amounts out there) with that exact thought in mind.

Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz Then I came across these fantastic prints. Commissioned by CBS and created by Juan Oritz.

Oritz has quite a dab hand at recreating classic sci-fi in the style of 60s movie posters, comic books, pulp novel covers and blacklight posters. The work done on Lost in Space was terrific, and a lot of the comic book artist and animator’s Star Trek work can be found in the books Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz and Star Trek The Next Generation: The Art of Juan Ortiz.

And the output by Oritz is impressive. Truly excellent and unique designs for any living room, hallway and bedroom without coming anywhere near tacky.

There’s a few of these prints and framed pictures available.

I chose the Ultimate Computer for no other reason than I loved it. If not for you, check out Balance of Terror or the similarly styled Trouble with Tribbles.

6. Captain Kirk Apron

ICUP Star Trek - Captain Kirk be The Character Adult Size 100% Cotton Adjustable Black Apron What geek BBQ or dinner party would not be complete without a Captain Kirk apron?

Okay, it may never be as mainstream as the “complements to the chef” or busty nude art aprons guests tend to roll their eyes at – but for Trek fans, this is the real winner.

This next item in our list of Star Trek accessories is this uniformed apron.

It’s made of cotton, adult-sized and adjustable. Feel free to concoct your puns about this when the time comes.

The perfect gift for a bold cook.

7. Original Series Fine Art Shot Glasses

Star Trek The Original Series Fine Art Shot Glasses Set 18 “Here’s to the finest crew in Starfleet” you cry as you all toast then down that latest bottle of smuggled Romulan ale (authors note: we do not endorse the illegal import of this beverage).

Perhaps stick to an excellent old Saurian Brandy.

This set of four follows the same 60’s pulp art we saw in the Ultimate Computer canvas art – and they’re cool.

Four classic Original Series episodes printed on these two-ounce glasses.

Episodes include ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Wolf in the Fold’. Bottoms up!

8. Star Trek The Next Generation: Ice Cube Tray

“It’s very cold in space” and your freezer.

This silicone ice-cube tray makes ice (or chocolate or jelly) in the shape of the Enterprise D and the Federation symbol.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Star Trek: The Next Generation: Borg Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray Cool in every sense of the word, these will make an excellent addition for a hot summers day or a party.

If the Enterprise isn’t your bag, browse around for other variations of ice-cube trays.

We even spotted a Borg cube one out there (pictured right).

9.ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Boldly cut your next Pizza with this NCC-1701 original Enterprise Pizza cutter. It’s a lot cooler than you may think, especially at a party.

‘Perhaps man wasn’t meant for pizza cutters. Maybe he was meant to claw, to scratch all the way.’

This Enterprise Pizza Cutter by Thinkgeek is both functional and cool. Well designed with good materials and a great addition to any homes ten-forward.

I received this Star Trek pizza cutter as a wedding gift a few years ago. That probably speaks volumes for the type of person I am. I received a lot of sci-fi related goods (okay, it may have been a sci-fi wedding, but that’s a story for another article). Whereas most people would be content with a cooker or dust buster – I couldn’t have been happier receiving this pizza cutter.

No longer will your pizza party be ruined by over-zealous Bat’leth swingers and blunt D’k tahg’s.

Also, a cooker would be a reasonably worthless gift. Being the useless adult, I am – I can’t even cook a simple bowl of Gach, let alone a pizza. So we eat out or order in a lot. One of our favourite local pizzerias sends us these large rectangular pizzas which are delicious but never cut.

This left us with two options, using the rusty breadknife we found when moving on or using my trusty Bat’leth. The second works fine, but it plays merry hell with the table underneath.

ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter - Laser-Etched Stainless-Steel Blade with Solid Zinc-Alloy Chromium-Plated Body The Thinkgeek pizza cutter measures around 8 and a 1/2 inches with a 4-inch dia cutting wheel. The nacelles/body are used for holding the cutter.

The wheel (or saucer section) is marked USS Enterprise NCC-1701. The material is made of a solid zinc-alloy with a chromium-plated body. It comes in a presentation box, is hand-washable and sharp.

No longer will your pizza party be ruined by over-zealous Bat’leth swingers and blunt D’k tahg’s.

The Enterprise pizza cutter is a slick, well-designed kitchen accessory you will love.

ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter From a practical perspective, it cuts great. Just hold down over the pizza and slice. The blade is sharp enough to cut through both thick and thin crust by just applying some pressure and rolling.

The cutter itself looks excellent. The cold metal feels and looks good; the chrome-plated effect shines.

I get a lot of people complimenting on this cutter – it’s a pretty unique appearance and certainly a lot more geek-worthy than a dull old knife.

Overall this is a great little addition to your kitchen. It’s certainly up there on the geek scale and a somewhat unique gift for any Star Trek fan.

If you’re looking for something to complement the Enterprise Pizza Cutter – there’s also an Enterprise bottle opener, and pizza cutter combo set available online.

10. Star Trek Monopoly – Continuum Edition

‘The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn’t exist in the 24th century. Also, I’m always the boot.’

Star Trek Monopoly – Continuum Edition. What can go wrong when you merge a family favourite with Sci-Fi staple? Quite a lot.

Monopoly has always been one of those board games which leaves you either feeling mildly smug or creating Picard family Christmas levels of resentment.

The problem always starts with the rules. There are none. Yes, they still provide a booklet full of the subtleties, scenarios and guidelines you should be following. But, no-one reads them.

Instead, you tend to skim to the part that tells you how much money each person should get to begin then improvise on the rest.

Star Trek Monopoly Continuum Edition Family Board Game This leaves a few Q levels of made-up laws depending on who you play with. “A double six roll means you get two go’s”, one player will always insist. ” “The get out of jail card means I don’t have to move from this square, not move to jail, then leave”, cries another.

The other issue is that anyone not winning the Capitalist boardgame assumes cheating. Bank robbery, dice tampering and sleight of hand are all culprits in this shady game of wealth and prosperity.

I’m going to start this review assuming you’re none of the above.

You and your friends/colleagues/crewmates are rational, reasonable, non-judgemental team players who care and share.

Not greedy Ferengi landlords obsessed with profit and vanity over comradery and sanity. So, all friends? Excellent, I shall begin.

Star Trek Monopoly Continuum Edition Family Board Game As a concept, Star Trek monopoly is a lot of fun.

It’s an excellent gift for Star Trek fans and perfect for groups.

The most noticeable thing has to be the six new pieces. Despite our cheeky caption in the subheading, there’s no boot.

The dog has been beamed off to a distant demon class planet and the hat now just a simulation in the holodeck.

These are replaced by new pieces (or pewters) with Captain’s Chair, Communicator, Klingon Blood Wine Goblet, Shuttlecraft, Vulcan Harp and a Phaser. These are worth getting the Monopoly game for alone.

Then we move on to the board itself. This is where things get a little odd.

Firstly the centre has a beautiful collective image of all the leading Captains (from Archer to Janeway if you want to be Stardate correct, or Kirk to Janeway if you’re going to be airdate correct).

Visually, this looks good. Why it has the captains on it and not some other concept is a question you may want to ask. Anyway.

Star Trek Monopoly Continuum Edition Family Board Game Stations. The original versions of Monopoly used stations. For us Brits, Kings Cross was always a favourite. And it’s easy to understand. A station is a property.

A station can be bought, the more stations, the more valuable your network. So it would be a reasonably simple leap to assume they’d replace stations with Spacedocks, construction docks or similar.

But they don’t. It’s ships, Enterprise, Voyager. Again, I ask why.

The corners are the same as ever. Including the GO which instructs you to take your £200 / $200 salary once you pass. Why a Starship captain is taking a salary is beyond me.

The central squares are places. Planets like Andoria. They do this by showing a picture of something Andorian, an Andorian character and the word Andoria.

Like Monopoly, you can buy Andoria (except you’re supposed to be trading – but we’ll come on to that in a second).

So you’ve bought Andoria (or not bought Andoria) and the other blue planets (Vulcan being one). Now it’s time to trade. I mean to develop. I say develop because… they’ve kept the old style houses and hotels for this game.

Wait. What?!

I know, I know. This is how I summed up the logic.

Star Trek Monopoly Continuum Edition Family Board Game You’ve taken your ship which you either own or you don’t (how do you get about if ships are squares you need to buy), visited a planet to trade and decided to become a property developer.

You take your salary and life savings and decide to build 20th-century homes and a hotel.

Presumably having a galactic property portfolio is an integral part of all Starfleet captains resume.

I know we’re harsh here. It’s a game. It just feels sadly flawed. As if the designers said, “let’s just put some Star Trek stuff on the board, people will love it”.

This game is both baffling and illogical. Why you’re trading/not trading/conquering/developing is an utter mystery.

If you can look beyond that, this is a fun game in the Star Trek Monopoly range and would make a great gift. For the more hardened Trek fans, there are other variations of this out there. Enjoy.

The Star Trek Monopoly – Continuum Edition is a fun but flawed board game. This won’t stop you from enjoying it, but it does feel a little lacking in the concepts. It could have been so much better, and that’s a real shame.

11. Eaglemoss Starships Collection – Deep Space Nine

Bloody Cardassians! I just got the damned thing fixed.

Although a lot grew to love Deep Space Nine, many felt it didn’t know what it was. What began as a moralistic tale of life in space (and a lot of mysticism with sprinklings of Kardashian Cardassian pomposity) morphed into a story of a shopping mall in space.

Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection - Deep Space Nine (Special) by Eaglemoss Feeling this was a little… slow, they ramped it up with the Founders / Jem’Hadar story – drugged up aliens and their sociopathic liquid masters.

Cut to the Klingons, a beefed-up space-station, more fighting and ships and bang boom bong.

Then finally a crescendo of life lessons, climax and otherworldliness that wouldn’t look amiss in a David Lynch movie
Others just thought it was awesome and will be grinding their tooth-sharpened Ferengi dentures at my above assessment.

But what pinned this show together was the space station itself. Formally Terok Nor, a mining and refinery station over Bajor, it undertook new management and became a haven of shops, families, adventure and ludicrously implausible sub-plots.

Now onto the Eaglemoss Deep Space Nine model, a faithful and detailed replica of the actual DS9.

When we say actual, we don’t mean actual actual – because that would never fit in your living room – just thought I’d point that out. Eaglemoss has an excellent reputation on the market for Star Trek models and collectables.

This is part of their Starships collections which includes a whole range of Star Trek geekiness for you to get hold of.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Eaglemoss
Before I continue – this is not a model you build. It’s already assembled. Models which have to be lovingly glued together are something people run to or avoid.

For most it means glueing the wrong bits to the other wrong bits, losing pieces and becoming so frustrated you stamp on the thing until it’s a broken mess of plastic which is now firmly glued to the carpet. Anyway, this is not that.

This Eaglemoss Deep Space Nine, a die-cast metal model, stands 14 cm across and stands 9.2 cm tall. Fine detail was achieved on this hand-painted model by scrutinising the original designs used in the show.

It’s surprisingly heavy for a model of its size and the attention to detail is superb.

It’s a great model, albeit a little too clean.

I know I’m nitpicking here, but I always imagine DS9 to be a dirty, grimy place. As a former refinery, it’s a scarred place with a story to tell. But that’s it really; I can’t pick fault in this. It’s a great addition to any collection.

A beautifully constructed replica of DS9.

That’s it from our curated collection of the best Star Trek gifts and accessories for pimping out your home. It’s been a fun list to curate.

We also found a few less than beautiful items out there that would make Lwaxana Troi cringe. If you have any of these or alternative suggestions – let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other Geek Gift ideas here on the website.

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